fresh, nostalgic, cinematic.

Looking back on life's most precious memories whether it's an engagement, family session, or a newborn shoot, is no doubt a special time that brings you back. When it comes to your wedding day, even more so. You put effort into the dress, the decor, the bridal party attire, ceremony. So many moving parts.

Make sure you look back on this day in focus with your photo + film team.

We provide modern, cinematic yet nostalgic shots for your big day. Kalena enjoys capturing candid shots more than anything but also loves the art of capturing "the shot" of the two of you. The shot that will bring you back to the intimate moment it was being taken.

Filming your wedding is just as, if not more so valuable. This serves to further document the motions, sounds, and nature of this beautiful event. How grateful we are for our old home videos of our childhood, parents weddings, baby showers etc. Your day is no exception.

No doubt when you prioritize investing in documenting life's best parts, you transport back to them when reminiscing through quality photo + film.

love, m+k

“We want you to see yourself for how beautiful you truly are.”